Fellowship Call


ICAT is seeking applications from postgraduate trainees for up to 8 fellowships, to commence in July 2018.

The programme is funded by Wellcome, the Health Research Board, the Health Service Executive- National Doctors Training and Planning and the Health and Social Care Research and Development Division, Northern Ireland, and the partner higher education institutions.

Information for Applicants

Download a PDF of the ICAT Programme application information.


Referee Forms

Download a the ICAT Referee Form document in MS Word or PDF formats.


Application Process

All parts below must be completed before the deadline, 4pm October 31st.
  1. Fill in this form online
  2. Upload a detailed copy of your CV
  3. Download two referee forms and fill in part 1
  4. Send the part 1 completed forms to your two referees to complete and return separately to ICAT

NOTE: There is the option at the bottom of the Application form to 'Save and Continue' allowing you to complete the form over multiple sittings.

Fellowship Call Application Form

  • Eligibility Checklist

    Please read the information for applicants document paying particular attention to the eligibility criteria and complete the following checklist. Please note that this provides an indication of eligibility but ICAT reserves the right to make the final determination on your eligibility to both apply and be appointed.

  • Personal Information

  • Are you eligible for EU status for the payment of fees? (Y/N)
  • To apply, you must already be on a postgraduate training scheme in Ireland or eligible to be on such a scheme. Award of a fellowship will be dependent on you having obtained a place on a postgraduate scheme in the Republic of Ireland or in Northern Ireland
  • How many years will you have been on the scheme as of the post you would normally take up in July 2017
  • How many years training will remain as of July 2017 assuming smooth progress through the ICAT scheme. Please take into account that the first year of the 4-year programme will be accredited by your training body and up to a year will be accredited for the 3-year PhD period depending on the level of clinical work that you will do and the rules of your postgraduate training body. The number of years remaining prior to CCST/CCT should be 2 or 3 but in certain circumstances may be 1.
  • Please list five potential supervisors in order of preference

    You may already know the supervisor that you would like to work with if successful but you must consider 5 possibilities. The supervisors must be on the list provided on the ICAT website. Please include Title and School/Department/Institute affiliation.
    Your final selection of supervisor and approval of your project will take place during year 1.

  • A detailed Curriculum Vita

    Please upload a copy of your CV to ICAT using the upload function on the ICAT website. It is your responsibility to provide us with all the information about your career to date to help us select applicants to bring forward to interview.

  • Please upload your CV in a pdf or word (doc, docx) format.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
  • Tell us about your projects and if and why you found them interesting
  • Tell us what excites your about research and what you would like to achieve if you are awarded a fellowship
  • Tell us what you will need to do following completion of PhD and CCST in order to achieve your career plan.
  • Please tick the box below to indicate that the information you have provided is true to the best of your knowledge.


For questions on the programme and its eligibility criteria please contact info@ICATprogramme in the first instance. Specific queries can be referred to the ICAT programme director at the appropriate university.

For questions on postgraduate training, please contact the appropriate Postgraduate training body in the first instance.