Cohort 4 ICAT Fellows (2020)

Dr Louise Rabbitt

Clinical specialty: Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Dr Louise Rabbitt is a Specialist Registrar in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. She completed an international BA in Psychology and History from NUI Galway before completing a graduate-entry medical degree in RCSI and completed her MRCPI in 2014. Louise holds an MSc in Clinical Education. Current research interests include the interactions between human behaviour, medicines and the healthcare environment.
PhD research area: UNEARTH (UNdErstanding Adherence in ResistanT Hypertension)
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Michael Conall Dennedy, University of Galway; Dr Gerry Molloy, University of Galway; Dr Cormac Kennedy, TCD.
University of Galway

Dr Kiran Reddy

Clinical specialty: Anaesthesiology

Dr Kiran Reddy is a Specialist Anaesthesiology Trainee with a specific interest in respiratory disease in intensive care. In addition to attaining a medical degree from University College Cork in 2015, he holds a BSc in Biology from McMaster University in Canada, an MSc in Healthcare Simulation and Patient Safety from NUI Galway, and the European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine. His research focuses on precision medicine clinical trials in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Through ICAT, he aims to understand the mechanistic differences between novel subgroups of ARDS and identify their differential responses to therapy.

PhD research area: Critical care subphenotypes beyond syndromic definitions: a prospective observational study (PHIND-AHRF) [Clinical evaluation of a point-of-care assay to identify PHenotypes IN the acute respiratory Distress syndrome – Acute Hypoxaemic Respiratory Failure]
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Danny McAuley, QUB; Prof. Cecilia O'Kane, QUB; Prof. Carolyn Calfee, UCSF
Queen's University Belfast (QUB)

Dr Maria Tomkins

Clinical specialty: Endocrinology

Dr Maria Tomkins graduated from University College Dublin in 2015. As a postgraduate medical trainee Maria became involved in the Irish Pituitary Study and also undertook research projects concerning new-onset diabetes after renal transplant and the effect of glucocorticoid therapy in renal transplant recipients on adrenal function and metabolic health. Maria commenced Higher Specialist Training in Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus in 2020. As an ICAT Fellow, Maria hopes to further investigate and understand the relationship between cortisol metabolism in chronic kidney disease.

PhD research area: Corticosteroid metabolomics in chronic kidney disease CORT-CKD
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Mark Sherlock, RCSI; Prof. Conall O'Seaghdha, RCSI
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

Dr Sarah Kelliher

Clinical specialty: Haematology

Dr Sarah Kelliher graduated from University College Dublin in 2017. She completed early postgraduate clinical training at the Mater Hospital and was appointed to the Haematology Higher Specialist Training scheme in 2020. Sarah's clinical and research interests are primarily in the area of thrombosis and haemostasis. As an ICAT fellow Sarah will explore the role of blood particles, haemostatic factors and extracellular vesicles in health and disease.

PhD research area: MEchanisms of hypercoagulability in MyeloProlifeRative nEoplaSmS – The EMPRESS Study
PhD Supervisors: Dr Barry Kevane, UCD; Prof. Fionnuala Ní Áinle, UCD; Prof. Patricia Maguire, UCD; Prof. Mary Frances McMullin, QUB; Prof. Kathleen Bennett, RCSI
University College Dublin

Dr Andrea Bowe

Clinical specialty: Public Health Medicine

Dr Andrea Bowe is a graduate of UCD Medical School, where she also completed a Masters In Public Health. She is currently working as a Specialist Registrar in Public Health Medicine and is particularly interested in disease prevention. She hopes to use this opportunity to develop skills in advanced data analysis and epidemiological research, and looks forward to gaining experience in how research can be applied to address the many public health challenges we face.

PhD research area: mPRINT: Identifying and Predicting the Risk of Borderline Intellectual Function in Childhood
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Deirdre Murray, UCC; Prof. Anthony Staines, DCU; Dr Fergus McCarthy, UCC; Dr Gordon Lightbody, UCC
University College Cork (UCC)

Dr Bethany Wong

Clinical specialty: Cardiology

Dr Bethany Wong is currently a Cardiology Specialist Registrar. She graduated from Imperial College Medical School with an intercalculated BSc in Cardiovascular Sciences in 2012. She completed her core medical training in London before undertaking a Cardiology lecturer position in RCSI in 2018 where she completed a diploma in Health Professions Education. Her research interests aim to improve quality of life, physical activity and outcomes in Heart failure utilising technology and exercise.

PhD research area: The impact of Empagliflozin on Left atrIal Volume and the feasibility of using Fitbit and mHealth to prescribe Exercise in non-diabetic stage B Heart Failure (ELIVE-HF)
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Kenneth McDonald, UCD; Prof. Mark Ledwidge, UCD
University College Dublin (UCD)

Dr Ciara McNevin

Clinical specialty: Oncology

Dr Ciara McNevin graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in 2016 and completed her BST in Tallaght Hospital. She was appointed to the Higher Specialist Training in Medical Oncology in 2020. Ciara’s interest is in Cancer Genetics, As an ICAT fellow she aims to identify novel mechanisms of resistance in PARPi across cancer phenotypes to pave the way for novel therapeutic strategies.

PhD research area: Modelling and Exploring the Resistance Phenotype in Poly-(ADP)-ribose polymerase Inhibitors (PARPi) in Ovarian Can-cer
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Stephen Finn, TCD; Prof. Ray McDermott, St Vincent’s University Hospital; Prof. Karen Cadoo, TCD; Dr Anne Marie Baird, TCD; Prof. Steven Gray, TCD; Dr Pilib Ó Broin, University of Galway; Dr James Beirne, TCD
Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Dr Katie Ridge

Clinical specialty: Immunology

Dr Katie Ridge initially trained in Psychology in UCD, completing a Masters in University College London. Her previous research experience includes the design and implementation of behavioural interventions to improve glycaemic control in type 1 diabetes and reduce cardiovascular risk. Katie received her medical degree from UCD in 2015 and commenced Higher Specialist Training in Immunology in 2020. Her research interests include the mechanisms of sexual dimorphism in allergic disease and chronic spontaneous urticaria.

PhD research area: SAVE-CSUA Sex As a biological VariablE - CSUA
PhD Supervisors: Dr Niall Conlon, TCD; Prof. Cliona O'Farrelly
Trinity College Dublin (TCD)