Cohort 5 ICAT Fellows (2021)

Dr Adam Dyer

Clinical specialty: Geriatric Medicine

Dr Adam Dyer graduated from Medicine in Trinity College Dublin in 2017. In addition to his medical degree, Adam holds Master’s degrees in Neuroscience (MSc.), Medical Gerontology (MSc. by Research), postgraduate qualifications in Statistics (Postgrad Cert) and MRCPI. As first year SpR in Geriatric Medicine, Adam aims to explore the impact of age and frailty on innate anti-viral immune responses, seeking to bridge the gap between recent advances in our understanding of innate immunity, age-related disease and multimorbidity in older adults.

PhD research area: Using Systems Immunology to Characterise Variability in Anti-Viral and Vaccine-Induced Immune Responses in Older Nursing Home Residents
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Sean Kennelly, TCD; Dr Nollaig Bourke, TCD; Prof. Cliona O'Farrelly, TCD; Dr Darragh Duffy, Institut Pasteur
Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Dr Leanne Cussen

Clinical specialty: Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

Dr Leanne Cussen graduated from University College Cork in 2014, where she subsequently completed a post graduate diploma in gynaecology. She was appointed to the Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus Higher Specialist Training scheme in 2020. Leanne's clinical and research interests are primarily in the area of metabolic health challenges faced by women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). As an ICAT fellow Leanne will explore the complex role of androgens in mediating metabolic risk in PCOS.

PhD research area: The RolE oF Androgen excess in MUscle Energy MetaboLism in Women with PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome - The REFUEL PCOS study
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Michael O'Reilly, RCSI; Prof. Wiebke Arlt, University of Birmingham; Dr Marie McIlroy, RCSI; Prof. Jeremy Tomlinson, University of Oxford
RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences (RCSI)

Dr Daniel O'Reilly

Clinical specialty: General Paediatrics

Dr Daniel O’Reilly is a Specialist Registrar in General Paediatrics. He completed a BSc in Human Health and Disease from TCD (2013) before commencing Graduate Entry Medicine in RCSI (2017). Daniel has just completed an MSc in Child Health and Paediatrics from Imperial College London. His current research interests are evidence based practice in paediatrics, platelet biology and how these topics relate to the critically unwell infant and child. As an ICAT fellow Daniel hopes to investigate how platelet signalling can be harnessed to prospectively identify the septic neonate.

PhD research area: Markers of Platelet Activation foR identification of late onset sepsis in preterm infants (PARENT study)
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Patricia Maguire, UCD; Dr Naomi McCallion, RCSI; Prof. Claire Gormley, UCD; Prof. Fionnuala Ní Áinle, UCD; Prof. Craig Morrell, University of Rochester; Dr Anna Curley, National Maternity Hospital
University College Dublin (UCD)

Dr Timothy O'Brien

Clinical specialty: Medical Oncology

Dr Timothy O’Brien graduated from University College Cork in pharmacy (2010) and medicine (2016), currently undertaking Higher Specialty Training in Medical Oncology. He is passionate about improving patient outcomes in gastrointestinal malignancies, in particular, early-onset colorectal cancer. As an ICAT fellow, Tim intends to explore the role of the human microbiome in colorectal carcinogenesis, screening and treatment.

PhD research area:Enhancing chemotherapy efficacy in Fusobacterium nucleatum infected, mesenchymal (CMS4) subtype colorectal cancer using a novel Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein antagonist, tolinapant
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Daniel Longley, QUB; Prof. Vicky Coyle, QUB; Dr Fionnuala Lundy, QUB
Queen's University Belfast (QUB)

Dr Rachel MacCann

Clinical specialty: Infectious Diseases

Dr Rachel MacCann graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in 2016 and completed her BST in The Mater Hospital. In 2019 Rachel completed a diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and was appointed to the Higher Specialist Training in Infectious Diseases in 2021. As an ICAT fellow, Rachel will explore the role of inflammation and aging in HIV, in particular with regards to the microbiome.

PhD research area: The investigation of interactions between the microbiome and inflammatory phenotypes and their relationship to clinical outcomes in People with HIV (PWH).
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Paddy Mallon, UCD; Prof. Paul O'Toole, UCC; Prof. Caroline Sabin, University College London; Prof. Alan Landay, Rush University; Dr Aoife Cotter, UCD
University College Dublin (UCD)

Dr Michael Gilligan

Clinical specialty: Neurology

Prior to studying medicine, Dr Michael Gilligan read English Literature and French in Trinity College Dublin. He graduated from medicine in University College Dublin in 2018 and commenced Higher Specialist Training in neurology in 2021. He is particularly interested in immune-mediated illnesses of the nervous system and, as an ICAT fellow, looks forward to undertaking research in the field of autoimmune encephalitis.

PhD research area: Seronegative autoimmune encephalopathies: biomarker characterisation and deep phenotyping
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Chris McGuigan, UCD; Prof. Andrew McKeon, Mayo Clinic
University College Dublin (UCD)

Dr Catriona Reddin

Clinical specialty: Geriatric Medicine

Dr Catriona Reddin is a Specialist Registrar in Geriatric Medicine. Catriona graduated from NUI Galway in 2015 and subsequently completed a Masters in Clinical Research (NUIG) in 2020. Catriona will explore the epidemiological association of diet and falls using traditional and advanced analytic techniques.

PhD research area: Dietary Exposures and Falls in EldeRly People (DEFER)
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Martin O'Donnell, University of Galway; Prof. Michael Conall Dennedy, University of Galway; Prof. Bernadette McGuinness, QUB; Prof. Rose Anne Kenny, TCD
University of Galway

Dr Mark Kelly

Clinical specialty: Neurology

Dr Mark Kelly graduated from Medicine in Trinity College Dublin in 2015 with an additional MSc in Neurosciences. He trained as a junior doctor and honorary research fellow at the University of Oxford where he conducted research in adverse medication effects in Parkinson’s Disease. He joined the Neurology Higher Specialist Training scheme in 2020. As an ICAT fellow, Mark will be researching autoimmune encephalitis and investigating potential clinical and biochemical markers of prognosis in this novel and complex condition.

PhD research area: Predicting and monitoring outcomes in Autoimmune Encephalitis (POTA)
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Norman Delanty, RCSI; Prof. David Henshall, RCSI; Prof. Sarosh Irani, University of Oxford; Prof. Gianpiero Cavalleri, RCSI
RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences (RCSI)

Dr Oana Deac

Clinical specialty: Medical Oncology

Dr Oana Deac graduated from Medical School in Trinity College Dublin in 2018. Prior to that she undertook a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Medicine in Trinity (2008-2012) and a Research Master Degree (MSc, 2012-2013). As a first year SPR in Oncology Oana is passionate about improving patient outcomes and her main area of interest in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy. As an ICAT fellow she hopes to better understand the immune processes involved in the tumour microenvironment with the aim to elucidate the best timing to introduce new therapies in gastrointestinal malignancy.

PhD research area: Elucidating the immunometabolic and genomic characteristics in young onset gastroesophageal cancers
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Maeve Lowery, TCD; Prof. Jacintha O'Sullivan, TCD
Trinity College Dublin (TCD)