Cohort 3 ICAT Fellows (2019)

Dr Graeme Greenfield

Clinical specialty: Haematology

Dr Graeme Greenfield graduated from the University of Oxford in 2013 following completion of his medical degree and BA in medical sciences. During his BA he undertook a project investigating mechanisms of genome stability in fission yeast. Following completion of his initial stages of postgraduate training, he entered Haematology Specialist Training in 2017 as an Academic Clinical Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast. In this role, Graeme has been investigating how epigenetic changes in myeloproliferative neoplasms occur in response to therapy.

PhD research area: Therapeutic manipulation of epigenetic changes occurring in response to JAK2 inhibition in myeloproliferative neoplasms
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Ken Mills, QUB; Prof. Mary Frances McMullin, QUB; Dr Jaine Blayney, QUB
Queen's University Belfast (QUB)

Dr Stephanie Bollard

Clinical specialty: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Stephanie Bollard is a Specialist Registrar in Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery. She received her medical degree (2015) and Masters in Surgery (2017) from NUI Galway, before her appointment to the Higher Surgical Training Scheme. Through the ICAT Programme, Stephanie hopes to develop her interest in translational oncology, specifically in the field of melanoma.

PhD research area: Investigation Of The Paracrine Roles Of Extracellular Vesicle Derived Chemokines In Malignant Melanoma Progression (PREDiCt - MM)
PhD Supervisors: Dr Shirley Potter, UCD; Prof. Amanda McCann, UCD; Dr Pamela Kelly, UCD
University College Dublin (UCD)

Dr Cathal O'Connor

Clinical specialty: Dermatology

Dr Cathal O'Connor graduated from University College Cork in 2013. Having completed Basic Specialist Training in Paediatrics and Adult Medicine, he entered Higher Specialist Training in Dermatology. His research interests include atopic dermatitis, inflammatory dermatoses, and genocutaneous disease. Cathal looks forward to expanding his research interests in preventative dermatology and novel therapeutic strategies for atopic dermatitis.

PhD research area: Assessing SleeP IN infants with early-onset atopic Dermatitis by Longitudinal Evaluation (The SPINDLE study)
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Geraldine Boylan, UCC; Dr Michelle Murphy, UCC; Prof. Jonathan Hourihane, RCSI
University College Cork (UCC)

Dr Claire Potter

Clinical specialty: Psychiatry

Dr Claire Potter graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 2013 and entered Psychiatry training in 2015 obtaining her MRCPsych in 2017. She is currently a Specialty Trainee in dual General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry in Northern Ireland. As an ICAT Fellow with an interest in neuroscience and neurodegenerative disorders, Claire will explore longitudinal cohorts of ageing in Ireland examining the biological and psychological basis of cognitive disorders.

PhD research area: The ELECA study - Early Life strEss and Cognitive Ageing: an investigation of international longitudinal cohorts of ageing
PhD Supervisors: Dr Bernadette McGuinness, QUB; Prof. Frank Kee, QUB; Dr Amy-Jayne McKnight, QUB
Queen's University Belfast (QUB)

Dr Conor Grant

Clinical specialty: Infectious Diseases

Dr Conor Grant graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2013. After obtaining a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in 2016 at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, he worked with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). In 2018, Conor commenced Higher Specialist Training in Infectious Diseases. His goals are to address the global health challenges caused by infectious diseases. Specifically, Conor’s research interests are in finding novel diagnostics and host-directed therapies for Tuberculosis by studying TB immunometabolism.

PhD research area: Exploiting Trained-Immunity and Immunometabolism in Tuberculosis (EXTINCT)
PhD Supervisors: Prof. Colm Bergin, TCD; Dr Mary O’Sullivan, TCD; Prof. Joseph Keane, TCD
Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Dr Dearbhla Doherty

Clinical specialty: Haematology

Dr Dearbhla Doherty graduated from University College Dublin in 2014 and commenced Higher Specialist Training in Haematology in 2019. Her area of research interest is in haemostasis and vascular biology. As an ICAT Fellow, Dearbhla hopes to further investigate the molecular and genetic basis of Low Von Willebrand Factor levels.

PhD research area: Defining the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying Low VWF in the Low VWF in Ireland Cohort (LoVIC) study
PhD Supervisors: Prof. James O’Donnell, RCSI; Dr Michelle Lavin, RCSI
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)